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after taking a shit leave un-wiped for several hours, if done correctly, the shit left on your asshole should be rock hard. Find a victim (preferably asleep), squat over his face with your pants and jocks down, rapidly scratch your asshole and you should see small brown flakes of shit fall on the victims face. Then resulting in the victims face covered in deadants.
"at my friends sleepover party, I forgot to buy him a present so I left him a pile of deadants on his forehead".
by Tom Mc Carthy March 16, 2012
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A synonym for dead turtle. Can also be used to describe a triggered/salty person after they deny being triggered/salty.
Person 1: “I’m not triggered tho what makes u think that it’s a simple question.”
Person 2: “You’re such a dead ant.”
by Totally not Eric_Bob November 12, 2017
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