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H2O! Replaced now by 'water beverages'.
Dead water is called so because of the new 'aquaceuticals' market of 'enhanced' or 'designer water', like Propel made by Gatorade rich in calcium/ sodium/ potassium/ magnesium/ chloride 'lytes (electrolytes) and trace-vitamins or those that come with caffiene (or, 'caffienated water').
by hammer---;, hytham April 15, 2007
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1. A song by Wet (pop)

2. Still water

3. Dark (black oil colored) water
4. Poison

5. Bullshit/getting caught in a lie.
1. You know, that new song Deadwater by Wet is pretty good!
~ And my face turned to red from drinking all that deadwater ~

2. That deadwater over there really lives up to its name, the wind is blowing but the waters not moving.

3. Looks like that swamp is full of Deadwater

4. She drank the dead water and fell to the ground

5. Don't try to make me drink your deadwater. I know you're lying. / I know, I'm stuck in deadwater.
by Bad.Blood.Baby July 15, 2016
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