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Late 20th and early 21st century notorious troll from the now-defunct file-sharing website audiogalaxy. His home base is the blink 182 board, where he was active during the AG Golden Years. He has been known to wander onto other boards, leaving mayhem and annoyed users in his wake.
Is widely known as one of the most undefeatable opponents in internet arguments - only because he is so persistent that most people give up out of boredom. Is noted for having defeated legendary spammer XAgent in internet battle.

Not much is known about his real life, except that he is British, possibly has bad teeth, studies political science and listens to metal. Has on several occasions claimed to be multiple people using the same account, but later discarded this myth.
"I owned XAgent!" - deacon_bremmer

"you can always rely on deacon to display his inspired condemning of people." - DrummerMonkey32
by Jason_M November 26, 2007
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