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deKock (de KOK') n. 1. One who is at the extreme of social naivety. 2. A person who believes that he or she is an expert on any and every subject, often feeling the need to interject himself or herself into another group of persons' conversation(s) when he or she is clearly not invited and/or welcome. 3. A person who believes that he or she knows enough about any subject and that everyone else should, in turn, value his or her opinion and/or suggestion in relation to said subject. 4. A person who interjects himself or herself into a conversation he or she was not originally a part of, generally using a verbal phrase or statement that is either controversial, seemingly random and/or unrelated, or lacking in any sort of logical foundation to which all other persons in the conversation are unable to understand why and whence this statement was verbalized in the first place, often creating at the least a very awkward silence for all other parties, ergo signaling the end of the conversation itself.
(...conversation between John and Sally...Billy walks up in middle of conversation and stares, listening intently, making both Sally and John uncomfortable)

John (to Sally): I was wondering if it's possible to do a thermal analysis on the heat shield.
Sally (to John): Yes, we could run the results of the testing through our new computer program the software engineers created for us...
Billy (interjecting): Why don't we re-do the tests only this time paint the heat shield in a coat of non-electrically conductive silicone material with special enzymes that over time will create a solid biological protective barrier against heat, then run the heat shield over with a plasma torch and blast it with a radioactive stream of protons??

(...awkward silence...blank stares...Billy leaves)

John (to Sally): Man, that guy always has to be such a deKock!
by X!. March 02, 2007
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