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A terrible affliction for a drug and drink riddled society. After consuming a large quantity of barbituates, smoking 40 KKK's-or half ounce of bacci, cider, cider, cider. Vodak,vodak,vodka. The brain becomes de-alphabatised. The victim unwittingly invents new words and phrases as the brain becomesuncombobulated & no longer recognizes language. The alphabet & numbers(in random patterns), itself and you, as a conscious entity.
"Lil, your de-alphabatised mate!"
" Wh*t s*y i me*nt to w*s,!. NO!. i cant r*m*mb*r how to sp*ak!."
"What!. What the fuck is SPAK?".
Cue tangent conversation on the origins of SPAK.
by Ali Bongo & Lil's, n his mam. October 24, 2007
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