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A community college in Cupertino, California established in 1967 with affiliations with Foothill College. Unofficially, the "Harvard" of all community colleges because of the rate students transfer to UCs or CSUs. Lots of international students, FOBs, and hot girls. It has the Flint Center and its own Planetarium and is currently a smoke-free campus. Overall, it's a pretty chill school.

Two notorious incidents happened here, first one being an averted columbine-style shooting by a student named Al DeGuzman who was caught when he tried to print out pictures of himself with his guns, at Longs Drugs. The second incident is the protest against Colin Powell, where protestors were being beaten by riot police.
Foothill Student: Foothill College is better than De Anza College!

De Anza Student: Your face!

*Foothill student runs away crying*
by bayareaninja August 17, 2006
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