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An acronym meaning, "Done, Done, Fucking DONE!"
Coined for General Contractor Superintendents.

The Superintendent would ask a subcontractor, "when are you going to be done with your work?"

Response: "I'll be done Friday."
"What about (name scope item)?"
"Oh no, that won't be until the next week (gives excuse)."
"What about (name another scope item)?"
"No, not that either (gives another excuse)."

So there's the subcontractor version of done, which means mostly finished and kind of out of the way so the next trade can get in and start, and there's DDFD, which means totally finished, off site, I'm watching your taillights recede into the distance, not to be seen again, FINISHED.
When are you going to be done?
When are you going to be DDFD?
3 weeks.
by rmitchell68 June 02, 2016
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