The place we're crackheads smoke meth behind a dairy Queen
Dalton.Hey do u wanna go to Dayton Ohio

Molly.hell no !
by Spellnegus February 17, 2018
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The most ballingest city in the world. Every form of transportation has 24 inch spinners on it. Tricycles, Big wheels, cars, ATVs and strollers. There are city workers on every other roof top equipped with suitcases of money, whose sole jobs are to make it rain. Every women's vagina smells like watermelon and Dayton men can make a woman orgasm with eye contact alone. A lot of people have guns in Dayton, but it's okay because everyone that is born there can dodge bullets. There is no snow in Dayton, just really cold cocaine that the city supplies. The city was going to be called "Heaven on Earth" but the abbreviation HOE is a bitch move, and Dayton don't roll with no bitch moves.
by ImprinttheG July 2, 2014
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Also known as Dayraq. Located in SW Ohio 1 hour west of Columbus and 1 hour north of Cincinnati

Daytonians are proud of their city. Dayton will always be the best at something--whether good or bad. From the Wright Brothers, Dayton Peace Accords, Charles Kettering's electric self-starter, first NFL game played Dayton Triangles, and Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Dayton has a rich, innovative history that was deemed the forerunner to the Silicon Valley. Nowadays, the Gem City has made the top spots on national polls in many other ways:

-heroin overdose capital of the world in May 2017 beating Baltimore, MD
-top 20 worst cities for air pollution year-round
-higher murder rates per capita than Chicago
-7th for worst city to live with allergies
-Food Adventure's worst holiday restaurant tippers 2012 nationwide
-6th lowest median home income value of comparable cities
-worst VA hospital in Ohio
-worst in Ohio, 9th in the country for urban food deserts
-32nd nationally for bed bug infestation of 2018
-home to Ohio's worst natural disaster: the 1913 flood

If you feel you could add to any of these statistics or create some new ones, you should consider moving here.
If you can think of a negative quality for a city, Dayton, Ohio already has you beat
by Uncopyrighta8le January 5, 2019
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