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1. A bouncy ball with a fluffy bunny tail on one end and a pastel picture of a redneck on the other, usually played with my Jewish girls at the age of 12 and a half.

2. An extremely large growth on the end of ones elbow, usually referred to as a slump-lump, commonly occurs on african children in zambia. this growth changes colors according to the time of day and what mood you are in. can also occur inside the rectal cavity.
1: " Tell Suzan to get in here or i'll pop that god damn daycreet!"

2: "OH MY GOD! DUDE I THINK I HAVE A DAYCREET! WE NEED TO GO BUY SOME T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$%$!!!!
by JACKLYN SMITHCOCK June 02, 2009
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