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Some teenager who thinks he’s an expert on gun laws because he’s a “young adult” but cries when he faces criticism because “he’s only a teenager”.
There goes that David Hogg kid running his mouth again.
by JesusMorrison May 21, 2018
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The name you give a cucked soy boy.

Typically a male with large amounts of estrogen or low amounts of testicles.

Would blow every guy in class for a nice high-five.

Cries at Greys Anatomy.
Brian: That Max kid is a real David Hogg.

Timmy: Yeah, I heard he sucked off the teacher so he could get another hall pass.

Brian: Fag.
by DJ_Dunkin May 31, 2018
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A scrawny, beta-male bitchboy who uses tragedies to further push his leftist agenda of gun control.
Note: He was not in the same building as the shooter.
David Hogg may not be a crisis actor, but he and his posse of pussies are putting on an act. Your emotional hissyfits are no reason for me to get rid of my guns.
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by FuckedUpDrummer May 15, 2018
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Someone who rides their bike to a scene of a tragedy for the sake of getting famous.
There was a shooting in Baltimore and some David Hogg showed up to get in the news to push gun control.
by LosOngeles January 04, 2019
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