Super short cut-off jeans worn by men. Very similar to daisy dukes worn by women.

Although david dukes can vary in length, they are typically so short the man's buttocks is barely contained.

See hot pants for more information
Man 1: Daaaang, check out them daisy dukes on that hot ass over there!
Man 2: Them ain't no daisy dukes, son... them david dukes, and that's a dude!!
by papa duke July 17, 2018
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A guy who likes to blame everything on the Jews. He's a former Klansman who claims that he left his racist days behind long ago, but that's bullshit. He uses the word "Zionist" more than he uses the word "the." It's essentially his subtle way of saying Kike. He sees himself as a genius and the only one who tells the truth.

He called Larry David a Zionist because an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm poked a tad bit of fun at Christians. Even though the entire show is essentially mocking a Jewish guy. Enough said.
David Duke: Oh shit. I stubbed my toes. It's the Zionist Jewish Extremists yet again.

David Duke: WAHH! A black guy is dating a white woman. It's the Zionists trying to destroy White people through the evil plan of multicultarism.
by AguynamedMike September 6, 2011
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The sexiest man on the planet has a huge cock and is really fuckin hilarious. He is a leader and a con artist is really smart and knows his way around getting in trouble
Damn Leonard David duke is one bad ass motha fucka!
by Astroman2526 October 28, 2011
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