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A girl that dates a LOT.
She goes on 12 dates a week, 2 in one night
usually with 12 different guys. She tries
to "play" the other girls/guys into thinking
she is only dating them, and just has a lot of
platonic friends. The "platonic friends" are just
other girs/guys shes mooching off of on dates.
This girl does not necessarily sleep with
all the people they date, but just loves the attention
she receives from all the different guys she is with
(the same holds for a male also, but the difference is he is having sex with all these different girls)
1st Male: Oh my god, I met this totally hot chick behind the counter at Best Buy today, her hair was SO nice.
2nd Male: Cool you goin out with her tonight
1st Male: Her name is Elizabeth
2nd Male: Dude, I see that chick everynight at Uno's with one guy then with another guy at Bill's Tavern later on that night, everynight with a different set of guys. Shes a dateoholic, youll never get any tail, you'll just drive her around and pay for her dinner. Stay away from her
1st Male: Wow, thanks Mike, I won't call her then.
2nd Male: Good. She's a waste of your money anyway, never ever date an attention whore
by Mike Delicious July 08, 2006
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