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1) (noun) When you and your significant other are spending date night doing nothing but vaping, your blue vape and her pink vape, most likely at home on the couch watching netflix with your dog and cat..

2) (verb) When you're on a date and fill the silence with vaping, usually to the distain of your hot date, who doesn't appreciate the huge billowing clouds in her face.. at the table, inside the restaurant, while she's eating..
1) "honey, will you give me a foot rub? they're killing me!"

"or, better idea.. how about we engage in consensual date-vape instead?"

2) "how was your first date with mike?"

"ugh, a disaster! so, he was funny, smart, and super hot, but he date-vaped me the entire time!"
by conspiracy boy November 26, 2015
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