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A common graffiti artist known in southern New Jersey. No one actually knows who he/she is, but they have marked their graffiti in many places all over. They are one of the most common known graffiti artists in southern Jersey.

The graffiti consists of a star, the word "DASIM", and then an arrow pointing towards the word at the end. No one really knows what "DASIM" means, but practically everyone knows what it is. But, despite all this, no one knows who the "DASIM" graffiti artist is.
"Yo man, did you see that DASIM over there on that street light?"
"No way, but theres plenty more DASIM graffiti markings all over town!"
"Does anyone even know who DASIM is or what it means?"
"Nahh, I don't think anyone does!"
by KelseyKels February 01, 2008
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