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Is a sexy freak also who is kind hearted an will do anything for people.dasaun is a great lover who is honest person an trust is hard to get from
Dasaun is one of a kind Sexycrazyfinehonest
by dasaun November 19, 2015
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He is a good person. He's mysterious and honest. He seems as a tough person but is actually emotional and caring. He redifines love sometimes to those that look at it as a bad thing. He cares. He loves. He's perfect in every way but if only he knew that. Sometimes he thinks he's a bad person and tries to push people away but he isn't. He isn't like any other person in this world. He understands how you feel. You shouldn't ever in your dear life let him go, you'll deeply regret it. You'll fall in love with him and he'll love you.
Person #1: dasaun is so sweet its unbelievable
Person#2: I would give anything in this world to be his for a day <3
by The_Nice_Friend_ May 20, 2017
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