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Private Ivy League university in chilly Hanover, NH. Dartmouth offers a broad liberal arts education, serving as a feeder school to many prestigious grad schools. Dartmouth tends to attract smart, white, preppy, Conservatives or smart, white, crunchy, outdoorsy kids who just want to go skiing and drink beer. The unique D-Plan is both a bonus and a bummer- while it does let students take terms off to travel and enjoy excellent internships and jobs, people are always coming and going, making it difficult to see your base of friends on a regular basis.

Characterized by fiercely loyal alumni and a powerful Greek system, the Dartmouth undergraduate community is particularly strong- with movies such as "Animal House" based on Dartmouth undergraduate life. Although outdoor sports like skiing and hiking tend to be preferred more than basketball or soccer, Dartmouth students are generally pretty fit.

Notable parts of a Dartmouth education include "X" term (all sophomores are required to spend sophomore summer on campus), the Winter Carnival, Green Key, and the PE requirement. Famous alumni include Dr. Seuss, Robert Frost, Nelson Rockefeller, and Daniel Webster.
"It's a small college sir, but there are those who love it.

-Daniel Webster, class of 1801
by Anita Lim May 31, 2005
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