A phenomenon in which when two people make eye contact and person a blows an imaginary dart through one hand being held up to their mouth at person b. At being struck person b must fall to the ground until person c pulls the dart out of their neck. Pulling a dart out of someone's neck is the entrance to the dart game.
Tom: Why is Heather laying in the middle of the floor?

Dan: She got shot with an imaginary dart while playing the dart game.
by tbiggerZ February 03, 2009
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This is a sexual act decision making device. Obviously you need a dartboard and darts. But you also need small pieces of paper with your favorite sexaul acts on it. The pieces of paper will be attached to the dartboard and your partner will throw a dart at the board to decide which sexaul act will be performed that evening. This also can be used for an entire weekend of fun or at an orgy.
Rebecca could not decide what she wanted Sean to do to her the Saturday before she married Tom so they played the Gaston Dart Game. Before the sun went down she had been hot carled, Cleveland Steamered, Strawberry Shortcaked, Tonya Danzad, Donkey Punched, and don the Alligator Fuckhouse 3 times. She had scares that make-up wouldn't hide and her vagania was bleeding profusely, but at least the concusion would make her forget Sean before she said "I Do" to Tom.
by hiemlich schlonge March 08, 2010
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