They are the cutest couple , they are very kind ,and they are meant to be and are happy with each other! @carlosmen and @dessxmx
Darlos are so cute together must be nice !!
by Anonymous10178 June 23, 2019
Beautiful luxurious fine stunning town in the incredible north east of england
by MCMAURICIO November 27, 2016
darlo is the top town for smack rats and gypo wannabes especially in the moor now that’s a place but not as bad as the skurney wow that’s the top place for crack heads that oooo and you gotta watch out for the big Burger King now that’s riddled with {chavs}thinking there top with there snide Gucci and the fake ass bags that’s a place not to go might get injected up there like
Do u want go to darlo for the day ?
No it’s full of druggies
by Ayyyy smack November 9, 2019
A college situated in the north east town Darlington, where "students" go to do a btech hair and beauty course, that's if they even bother to turn up in their nike air max. Their lanyards may as well say under achiever and their fashion sense is just as dire.
She just failed her exams, she'll be going to Darlo Tech.
by merchmerchmerch February 23, 2016