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Darccide (pronounced dark-side) was a nick name of the St. Clair Village housing project on the south end of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It got it's name due to the geographic isolation of the complex, and the large amounts of gang violence that occurred on a regular basis.

Built in 1950, it once had it's own grocer, convenience store, and elementary school. After the steel industry declined in Pittsburgh, much of the "worker class" housing fell with it, some were hit harder than others, but St Clair Village was one of those that were hit the hardest.

The 90s is where it rose to fame as the most dangerous neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and held this reputation well into the 2000s. By 2001, the "north" section of the complex was entirely vacant, the first 8 apartment buildings were boarded up with warnings of asbestos posted near "blocked" entry ways.

It is estimated that 1/6th of the residents of St Clair Village were victims of gang violence, a mural was painted on a dilapidated rec building. It read, "St Clair Ville, Stop The Violence!" with 3 gravestones in the middle, on the gravestones listed 16 victims of gang violence and their nicknames. The housing project was demolished in 2011 and is now an empty field of grass, residents were placed in newer housing projects on the east end, and integrated into Mt Oliver. Some residents still return to the field to remember their home, or to pay respects.
"Damn bro so you used to live up on the Darccide?"
"Yeah dude it was crazy up there"
by FudgeSociety March 25, 2016
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