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Someone that is extremely well dressed, someone that everyone in the room notices when they walk in.
Damn! look at that guy at the bar, he's so danzo!
by Mr. wings May 05, 2016
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A person who truly cares for his friends, music is his life and will help them threw their struggles in life, Danzo has a grate sense of humor and has a twisted mind and enjoys Italian food.
Person 1: Hey did you see Danzo today in the hall way? He was dancing to a Jake Miller song in the hall way

Person 2: he always does, he listens to music all the time
by Princeismebitch June 27, 2016
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That guy who starts a fight but then runs away like a pussy
A: Come on faggot. Let's fight.
B: You're just gonna Danzo again aren't you?
by ProfessorIvoTito August 04, 2018
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