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Highly potent marijuana or cannabis (pot, weed, nugget, "the herb" etc.)It is used as an adjective. Probably costs 20 a "g" or so due to its danksauciness."

Also, this can be used for anything besides pot that needs to be described in the realms of excellence. For example you
- for example - Pothead Uno: "That right there is some danksauce ish son
Pothead Dos: "Straight up foo, lets cop that and get lit and jump off the roof of each others house!"

by Maudeulus November 07, 2006
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Describing something that is completely awesome in the best kind of way.

Dank refers to good bud and or anything that is good

sauce just means its covered in the goodness
the dude: yo its gonna cost 9 bones to rent these two movies

me: hold on lemme go check and see if i still have the movie the pass

the dude: word

me: you nukkkkkkkkka we don't even have to pay for the movies i still have it.

the dude: hells ya dude, thats the dank sauce
by Jimmy McCarthy June 28, 2007
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bong water


something exra cool.
1) Man i was so fucked up last night, I drank the dank sauce

2) "Sam you got an A on your paper" "DANKSAUCE!"
by MaxSauce October 29, 2005
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Derivitave of dank (orig. damp weed, used to mean cool, shibby, sweet, etc) meaning same, only with more emphasis. *see below

*Used only as an interjection, not as an adjective.

That food was dank. (not "that food was danksauce")

Danksauce! You got Halo 2!

by peter and luke January 24, 2006
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