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high-grade marijuana, usually in tightly packed bud form or sometimes moistened or hydroponically grown marijuana. see schwag
I would rather smoke dank nuggets than schwag.

The resin of these dank nuggets will coat my pipe and make it black.
by S8n May 29, 2005
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sticky, hairy, the bud that all stoners long for. if it tastes good, smells good, looks good, feels good, and smokes good, then it is dank nugget.
Yo man, got any dank nugget?
Yeah man, you got a bong?
by thewaldos420 April 04, 2008
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Noun: A sweaty, smelly, sticky scrotum sack, usually plastered with underwear dingleberries wrapped up in pubes.
"Damn it's hot out today! I got some rank dank nuggets."
by Reagan May 13, 2004
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1. the use of marjuiana
2. smoking pot
3. and excessive phrase shouted out to represent if they are a dealer
Yo i smoked smoke reel dank nuggets!
by Stephengmr2004 November 07, 2003
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When one buys a fresh sack of weed that contains buds in the shapes of little nuggets. Usually very convenient as each nugget tends to be the perfect size of a bowl. One will also get more bang for their buck because these nuggets are normally broken off the stem thus not including the stems when weighed out for size. Conclusion - me weed and less stems
1. A sack of dank nuggets is better than a sack with one big nug because there are usually lest stems.
2. You got dem dank nuggets I'm tired of plucking to much or too little from these big nugs nigga.
by Jayta June 10, 2008
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