Dank pussy is a stoners reference to a stinky vagina. Most commonly girls who have vaginas thats smell could overtake the smell of Pine-Sol clorox cleaner.
Jim: Yo, bro. You tap that girl last night?
Bob: Yeah dude, but it wasn't that good.
Jim: Why not?
Bob: She had a dank pussy, yo. I almost died. I smelled it, and I just stood there dizzy as fuck looking like I was getting ready to take a Mortal Kombat finishing move. :(
by Banoosh March 20, 2011
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pussy that is creamy and dank like olive oil. Mostly found on fat black chicks.smells like the ass hole of Bruce Willis.
Karl went to the club and scored with some dank ass pussy from a fat ass jiggaboo.
by Kord March 28, 2007
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A Pussy Dank is when the male puts his penis in the female's vagina and because the vagina is too tight the male's penis bleeds from the tip.
My friend Brennan's girlfriend was so tight, she made him have a pussy dank.
by ricono April 19, 2007
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