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A person that is so fine has a nice body in that all the boys want to be around all the girls want to be her friends all the girls and I look just like her she is a person that will never switch up on you she stays real and she is so sexy she's beautiful and has everything nice black hair and is good with her mouth she's the best friend that anyone could ever ask for she's not fake with you if you're not fake with her and she likes everybody she is the most sexiest person that you will meet in that everyone will be jealous of but she will encourage you to be yourself and not like her she is one of the a kind and if you don't got yourself a daneisy then you need to get one real quick
Streanger: "Omg look at that sexy girl what's her name "
Me: " that's daneisy the sexiest person in the world"
Stranger: "oh let me get a price of that cake she hella sexy I just wanna have sex with that bitch"

Daneisy: " aww thank u"
by Shalissa budando May 24, 2018
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