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Verb. - When someone is fired for presenting logical and/or data driven statistics that contradict the groupthink of the company.
He got damored when he presented data containing conservative views. Now he's looking for a new job.
by zionvier February 28, 2018
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(v.) When you spend an ungodly amount of time writing the most nuanced reasoning for a mass fuck-up, caused by a mob of idiots, and those same idiots make the most simplistic, intellectually uncharitable interpretation of your work in order to write smear pieces defaming your character.

(Named after James Damore: an employee who was fired from Google for writing a memo questioning Google's "diversity practices".)
"I spent 2 weeks writing an article on the statistically significant correlations between gender and work preferences, and Vice responded by writing a story about how I wanted to make the rape of women by men legal as well as genocide anyone who wasn't white."

Friend: "You've just been Damore'd."
by sweud January 23, 2018
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