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n. dam-gurl-itis. : a disease found only in females that make them attractive to cornballs, losers, and douche bags.

This is a diagnosis by Dr. Leon (the ladies man) for all the women you see out there under achieving and settling for the cornballs, and losers because (1) they dont know any better and (2) they have low self esteem. You see them and shake ur head and say "damn girl, you could do soooo much better" resulting in its name... "damngirlitis"
1. "Man Charlotte is sexy, why is she dating John he's such
a douche bag, she got that damngirlitis."

2. Damngirlitis can be seen in bars, clubs, and local pubs with high regularity.
by Dr. Leon (the ladies man) February 19, 2011
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