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Damaree is a sweet and caring boy. He loves to help people out with their problems and is a great communicator and listener. If you get on his nerves he will swing don't try him. He can make friends instantly but if he's annoying they won't like him at all. Damaree has a lot of friends but if your his best friend you guys will have a blast with him. He has a great personality and makes people laugh a lot when feeling down or just not in the mood, he's also had a big heart and feels some type of way when people talk badly about him, but he doesn't hold on to that for long. He can hold a grudge but never for a long time( 3 days and less) Most girls see him as a friend but to some he's everything they want. Damaree's looooooves puppies but if the dogs are big and look very scary he doesn't not mess with them. Hanging out with his friends and playing either video games or playing sports are his favorite things to do. Damaree's have so many different personalities there way to much to explain, but if you cheer him up than maybe those personalities won't be there so often. Some of the same genders think he's cute but often have a hard time speaking with him.
Friend: stop talkin mess cause I'm tired of you talkin shit

Friend: *Tries*
by Iwillswing July 16, 2017
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