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1.Dalkiel - Angel of Hell, ruler of Sheol, and equated with Rugziel (q.v.). In Baraita de Massachet Gehinnom, Dalkiel operates in the 7th compartment of the underworld, "punishing 10 nations," and serving under orders of Duma(h), who is the angel of the stillness of death. See writings of Joseph Gikatilla ben Abraham (1248-1305).

2.A name representing the darker side of one's creativity

3.Lord of the Underworld In Verotik's "Satanika" comic book series, written by Glen Danzig
1.The darkness was coming, and that that darkness had one ruler and one ruler only... the Lord Dalkiel.

2.I represented my artwork using the pseudonym Dalkiel
by D to the C October 07, 2008
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