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The name dalimary is a very unique and beautiful name for a person. There are a very few people named dalimary.
dalimary is a very shy girl who is sweet, creative, and introverted. She's funny, artistic, spontaneous and really kind to people. She loves learning new things, she tries her best to make people around her happy, she's not like any other girl you'll ever meet. If you're friends with a girl named dalimary she will always have your back for anything no matter what, she's also a very good friend. When you get to know dalimary you'll never regret meeting her. In relationships she's always loyal, she loves doing activities with her lover, she's a mischievous girl you'll most likely want to settle down with. If your dating a girl named dalimary you're one of the luckiest persons.
girl 1: omg that dalimary girl is so pretty and so friendly
girl 2: I know right! I'm so jealous of her!
by shakebendbreak February 06, 2017
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