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Dalea is a sweet, pretty, and kind hearted girl that everyone wants to be friends with, she always try's to scare people but they can never stay mad at a Dalea. If you know a Dalea you are blessed.
Example: "hey who is that girl helping that person with their homework? Must be Dalea"
by Omg_look_at_me January 10, 2018
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A girl who's kind,sweet,and a bit of a pushover. Always insists that she's a bad person though she's the kindest ever. Just wants to help you or make your life better. Doesn't care if you hurt her,but will murder for those she cares about. Flocks to people like Scotts. Best friends with Lameas due to their opposing nature. A bit shy.Cute. a little bit of a freak in the sheets though that's not all she's good for.
Girl: why's that girl so quiet all the time.
Boy: oh that's a Dalea. They're always like that.
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by ♡babygirl♡ June 10, 2018
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