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the word that comes up when typing in faggot in a text message with T9
me: you are such a daggu
chris: whats that?
me: don't fight it
by samsizzle September 02, 2007
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A homosexual male who only gets penetrated (i.e. he takes it up the ____, does not penetrate other males). It is considered a highly offensive word, roughly equivalent to the n-word in terms of offensiveness.
Tell that flaming daggu to check under his skirt to make sure he still has any balls.

That goddam daggu left semen stains when he sat down on my couch.

Why does that daggu Chandler from "Friends" always look like he hasn't been able to go number 2 for like a month? Oh yeah, nevermind. I get it.
by Uncle A February 17, 2008
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