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Derived from a username, dafoose means several things.

derived from the root words, moose, fooseball, and the prefix meme "da." "Da" refering to "the."
The meaning for dafoosing comes from spanish Vamos, which means "we go," which was tweaked into vamoose. However, "vam" did not sound friendly, so it used a more popular prefix "da."

Dafoosing can be related to most internet tasks and gaming tasks with other people. Dafooser's usually look to other people to play with in other places, mainly including games, watching television, or even going out to eat.

Essentially, the action of dafoosing is doing something fun with other people.
I felt like dafoosing today, so I logged onto my account and played some online games with my friends.


My friend Katie needed help painting the house today, so I got my dafooser on and came over unexpectedly to help out.
by Dafoose July 22, 2009
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