Classic rock you first heard from your dad's old record collection.
1: "I got into The Beatles after my dad showed me some of their albums he bought in the '60s."

2: "So you listen to a lot of dadrock?"
by Blaze1289 March 23, 2010
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Term used by children who are angry that most of the modern music they listen to from their generation is garbage in comparison. Unable to come up with viable comparisons to previous classic bands and musical artists, they resort to insulting all of them at once in a dismissive and condescending tone.
"Hey Paul, why do you listen to that garbage Ke$sha and that little pop-brat Lady GaGa, who pander to the lowest common denominator in order to sell records based off their intrinsic reliance on the inversion of past trends, fads, and ideas in order to seem edgy and intelligent? Why not listen to some classic music like Led Zeppelin, Simon and Garfunkel, or Iron Butterfly, or The Eagles, who instead rely on their ability to craft music and lyrics which are both sentimental but also relate-able because of their universal and endearing subject matter?"

by Gorilla Grodd August 1, 2014
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A term almost exclusively used by millenials who think artists the likes of Cardi B and mumble rappers are the best representations of music to date; any music made before the last decade is obsolete and absolutely unlistenable.
"My favorite song? That's a hard one. I think Deep Purple's Highway Star has to be in there somewhere, but i listen to a lot of different music so i'd have to do it by genre at least.

"OMG u listen to dadrock? cringe bro"
by OneshortKK March 5, 2022
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