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A daboojoo is an endangered species of chicken. Once a slave in an oporto chicken factory, he and three daring birds of freedom escaped, and joined the human world. After intensive plastic surgery, they now somewhat resemble human beings. The Deadly Daboojoo, now working as a "fully sick" plumber, goes gym to pump his chicken wings and flash his Sword. The Deadly Daboojoo can be spotted kicking back on brighton beach or eating mad plates in burwood. He is currently working in a multi-billionaire dollar business owned by the notorious F-Man Boussi. Daboojoo dreams of being as successful as his current employer but all his mates tell him "You wish jellyfish". The Deadly Daboojoo has a criminal record of hitch-hiking trains for free cos hes a ruthless cunt.
"Faaar cuz did ya see deadly dabooj the wahesh he was guzzling that protein like a monsta!!!"
"Yaa mnayal the deadly dabooj arrived everyone bow down"
"Is that daboojoo? Who invited him >:( "
by Moey Dnt Worry July 20, 2016
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