An alternate tuning for the guitar, CGCFAD as opposed to EADGBE. More commonly (and mistakenly) referred to as Drop C.

Many bands utilize this particular tuning, including, but not limited to, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, System of a Down, Children of Bodom, Lostprophets, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine, Rammstein, Atreyu, Senses Fail, From First To Last, Metallica, Norma Jean, Thrice, A7X, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Bill: "Dude, I love how Atreyu plays all of their songs in Drop C!"
Bob: "No man, they play in Dropped D Tuned Down One Whole Step."
Bill: "Dude, that's a long ass name. Lets just call it Drop C."
Bob: "OK."
by jeauxzuf November 14, 2007
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a stronger way to say "I'm down", as in "I'd be up for that"
Cam: "Hey Nicola, do you want to go to Mel's?"
Nicola: "D for down"
by flipflopFlapJack March 4, 2021
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