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noun \sī-ˈbis, also sī-(ˌ)'bis\
1. : a fictional destination where lost electronic messages go, such as email, SMS, MMS, or instant message, when the recipient cannot locate or search the sender's electronic message
2. : the bottomless gulf, pit, or chaos of collective emailgonie mailboxes
3. : uncomprehensible mailer-daemon failure notices
e.g. "Uncle Tim's email must have gone into the cybyss of the interwebs 'cause it's not in our inbox... no really, it's not even in our junk mailbox."

cyber (First Known Use: 1991) + abyssopelagic zone of the ocean (abyss: Middle English abissus, from Late Latin abyssus, from Greek abyssos, from abyssos, adjective, bottomless, from a- + byssos depth; perhaps akin to Greek bathys deep. First Known Use: 14th century) = cybyss coined by Vincent M. of Brooklyn, NY First Known Use: 2012
by mattsoul May 23, 2012
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