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Cybernatz” is a term used by people with little knowledge of how the internet works.

It describes a group of logical human beings supporting each other and trying to show Fiona that:
1) she may have far too much time on her hands
2) she should stop making threats over flags
3) no one likes a “ I’m going to make a complaint to head office over a flag” kinda person. This includes all the hospitality staff ( cybernatz ) that have to deal with moany, inconsiderate arseholes all day.

Cybernatz are hospitality staff from all walks of life laughing at the cuntyness of some arseholes complaint.
“Where did all these Cybernatz come from? And why are they speaking sense?” Fiona exclaimed. “ Villiage hotels need to do a proper investigation into who alerted the Cybernatz”
by HungryHaggisHunter June 14, 2018
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