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emaciated graduate living on the outskirts of a metropolis with a retarded obsession for masturbation and an unmatched appetite for GBs of gay porn.
"i wish porn was everywhere, i want it to be all around me, more ubiqtous than nitrogen. it should be so overwhelming that arousal and affectionate stroking of my weasel isnt exceptional but ordinary and regular to the point of being listless. I want cum to become me, my brain nothing but a big blob of semen and small dicks for gray cells. I am cyberjunkie, voyeur of the gay porn world"

Application for eligibility to the "gay pride" channel on #efnet - Cyberjunkie.

Person 1: I love peter and a 12 year old kid called krish
Person 2: You are such a cj.

See also peadophile
by scrizer October 27, 2004
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