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The definition of cyber-murder is when a bullyor group of bullies uses social media sites, complaining platforms, apps that rate people or businesses, and/or any public third party site on the web to publish defamatory content with the intent to ruin a particular person and/or business. The content they publish typically uses the following illegal tactics: defamation, libel, harassment, humiliation, stalking, threatening, slander (when they actually speak), embarrassment, demeaning language, prejudicial phrases, absurd exaggerations, links to things totally irrelevant to the subject but containing negativity, misleading conjecture, incorrect information, and specific or general erroneous claims backed by "evidence" which is fraudulent, doctored, and/or of a nature that would be absolutely unacceptable to use in real life or a court case.
Susie was so envious of the attention and positive reception that Mercedes' new business was receiving that she recruited some strangers she met in a Facebook group to launch a calculated cyber-murder attack on the business.
by PurpleMercedes September 13, 2017
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