!WARNING! Do not make any contact with Cute Anime Girls. They are humans(surprisingly)and should be avoided at all costs, for the sake of your mental health(and physical health). They are so dangerous that they have potential to be used in a war(especially one in Japan), and this weapon should be used for serious situations. Contact can and will kill you, if you're not prepared.
The Virus:
No, not COVID-19. There is a Cute Anime Girls virus outbreak going on in East Asia and Australasia. People are becoming obsessed with cute anime girls lately. It has been shown that the virus manipulates the victim's mind into becoming addicted. If you live in East Asia or Australasia without the virus, I highly recommend you to move to a place safe from the Cute Anime Girls virus.
I moved to the United States. I used to live in Australia, and I had a friend who would frequenty come to my house. He used to have no interest in cute anime girls, but a week ago, he started watching anime and would pause the TV if he ever saw a cute anime girl. I believe that he has become infected.
by pdtd April 10, 2022
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