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A customer at a fast food restaurant that refuses to make eye contact with the cashier. (sometimes througout the entire order). These people usually keep their eyes on the menu board at any cost.

*Hopefully someday there will be an anonymous group for these people that will teach them its it ok to look the cashier in the eye. They are not slaves and the custamaster is not their slave master!

Cashier: Hi, May I help you?

Custamaster: (avoids eye contact while pretending to look for what they want on the menu...even though they get the same thing everytime)

Cashier: May I help you??

Custamaster: (Clears throat). Umm.. (continues to stare in confusion) Mumbles their order and shrugs shoulders nervously.

Cashier: (listening closely and leaning over the counter in a desperate attempt to hear the order)

Custamaster: Slowly reveals the correct amount and awkwardly hands the money without much contact.

Cashier: Thank you! Have a nice day!

Custamaster: Uh. Meh.... Yea... (Clears throat)
by CashierGirl June 02, 2010
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