The best I can figure, from context clues, it must mean violently bored.

It's been said a few times on episodes of 'Archer'.

There is no definition that can be found in any dictionary, under several different spellings.

May be spelled: kerpuscular, korpuscular, kurpuscular, kerpusculer, korpusculer, kurpusculer, cerpusculer, corpusculer, curpuscular, or cerpuscular.

The word corpuscular is in reference to a proton or atom. This definition, however, makes no sense in the context of how this word is used in the popular program 'Archer'. By the way this word has been used in 3 separate episodes in regards to the ocelot known as Babu.

Note: They may be mispronouncing the word crepuscular. This word (in zoology) means active at twilight or just before dawn. This may fit though it is woefully esoteric and slightly off target. Most prefer the above spelling and definition.
Lana Kane: "Well, how do you think Babu feels?"

Cheryl Tunt: "I dunno.... curpusculer?" (It is at this point that the ocelot is so bored that it has taken to attacking people.)
by Krazyspydrlady November 15, 2013
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