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Technical term describing the gentle movement of a womans outer labia (dangleflaps). More apparent on bigger lipped women.
Jeez! Check her minge out, shes had so much action shes got major cuntwobble.
by tAct1cAl_dj April 06, 2008
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When someone is being a cunt and should definitely give their head a wobble. To be used when cunt is not a strong enough word and no other will suffice.
by AYlmaooo July 20, 2016
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That horrendous moment when you've been a cunt, and it felt right at the time, then you have that creeping oh my fucking god, can I stand by this or should I start being really nice to them
We know, and I know xxx is a knobsack but I've got a cuntwobble about telling yyy that
by Sue Sutherland September 08, 2018
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