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a person of low morale fibre, generally having 0% respect for the fairer sex.
a cuntsnip can refer to all of the following ; someone who is prone to shouting "Eeeeeeehhhhhhhhh" when he gets drunk, who will then shout abuse at Italian Burger Vans, and throw windscreen wipers at the windscreen of said burger vans. someone who will turn up at a nuclear site for work, while still half cut from the night before. someone who gets so drunk from a staff night out, they end up either sleeping in a shop doorway or sleeping in their office and then vomitting onto the carpet, and then proceeds in the morning to use a vaccum cleaner to suck it all up. someone who excels at wrecking university disabled toilets on a regular basis and films it occasionally. needs to originate from cornwall and currently live in oxford. someone who when pressed for an answer, will just shout "Naaaaaaaggghhhhhh". can also refer to most lorry drivers who work for biffa.
by scotty001 June 02, 2006
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