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The female specific version of "butthurt".

It is commonly used to refer to women who act emotionally erratic, unreasonable and sulkily over trivial things, that caused them to be offended. (especially when it happened ages ago)
Thus it is most commonly applied to third wave feminists by people with common sense, sorry, sexist shitlords.
Mrs. Cunthurt: OMG, like I can't believe my dad told a blonde joke to his friends in front of me and my mom!

Friend: *Sigh* You're bringing that up again? Seriously, that was in 6th grade. You're 30 right now!

Mrs. Cunthurt: What?! You're taking his side?! Do you realize how sexist and demeaning that was?!

Friend: Oh shut up and don't be so fucking cunthurt, woman!
by Etsin February 10, 2015
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