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1. An amount of Money any employee will take b4 punching an employer in the face.
2. If the employee remains working after an extreme provocation from the employer; the Money thereafter shall be deemed Cunt Money.
3. When an employer has the intellectual capacities of a road kill and your still whoring for them.
Your working for Cunt Money.
Well Mr Passage, I'm pleased to be able to offer you this exciting opportunity. The going rate isn't much, but it's ample and it goes up and stuff. Did I mention the word opportunity?
"How much is it per hour?"
Well, the remedial encumberment is six pounds fifty an hour. But after six months it goes up to seven pounds and you'll get store discount and all the over time you can handle and store discount. Did I mention store discount at all?
"Six *ucking quid an hour! I don't work for cunt money, *uckoff you twat"
by dsfadsfgafgf October 14, 2016
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