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Cunnilinctus is the oral stimulation of a clitoris and/or other female genital regions (labia, vulva, outer edges of the vagina, perhaps deeper in the case of Gene Simmons), usually (but not always) accompanied by manual stimulation, for better overall effect. Likewise, g-spot stimulation is a vital component, but not required for the technical definition.

The word comes from the Latin: cunnus = vulva, linctus = licking.

Synonyms: Cunnilingus, pussy eating, oral sex (RE females), "going down on" (RE females), eating at the Y, "playing the body trumpet", "telling the kitty a secret", "oh my god, stop that, I'm so wet and smelly down there", "but no, I LOVE the smell and taste!"

Antonyms: Fellatio, frigidity, prudism, chess
Then, in return for the nice fellatio session, he went down on her, performing the best cunnilinctus of his life.

"Cunnilinctus? She barely knew us!"
by KAZVorpal June 01, 2007
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