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a dirty filthy whore bag that just cant get enough
yo man did you she that cumhog gobble down that cock juice....dirty filthy oshawa cumhog
by Mikeademis August 16, 2006
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A voluptuous man or woman who's thirst for cum is never quenched. A cum hog will go to any length to get creamy thick man gravy all over their face and mouth.
"Dude check out that cum hog"
"Aww dude she's collecting jizz from homeless men and putting it into a milk jug"
"FUCK!!! that fuckin cum hog is chuggin on that gallon of baby batter"
"No fuckin way...the bitch is regurgitating it back into the jug"
"What a fuckin nasty, slimy flesh cave"
by Rusty McShakelfuckerd December 02, 2007
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