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:Noun ; (Cum-berq-watch); A Cumberquatch is a rare creature found in select and partially unknown mountainous regions of the world. It has somewhat been describes as a cross between a Cucumber and a Sasquotch. Although a Cumberquotch cannot be eaten like a Cucumber. This is due to the fact that the Cumberquotch's skin is compiled from pure Rust Metal. The Cumberquotch's diet is very typical of a wild land mammal; Daily meals comprise of plankton, giant sperm whales, camels and goths.
The Cumberquotch's preference being goths, it also on occasions eats up to 800kg of weapons grade plutonium.
The Cumberquotch should not be approched with caution as it is a very friendly animal and was described by professor stephen hawking before he was eaten by it as a "nice animal".
The Cumberquotch should not be confused with Cumbercrotch, which is an individual with a cucumber phallus. Cumberquotch in groups are also know as Cumberquotchai.
(1)The Cumberquotch appears beautifully gracefull while eating Professor Hawking
(2)I can hear the Cumberquotchai coming. Quick throw some goths at it to slow it down.
by krishan January 05, 2005
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