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Code of honor and loyalty between cuhs(see cuh), such as letting your fellow cuh have shotgun when he has rightfully called it , and vise versa, or not being an asshole, or being drug free. There is an exeption to this rule: the only sitting member of the cuhs whom is not drug free is tubby(but only because he is cool).
Cuhs are also very strict follwers of "bros before ho's". NEVER!! ditch one of your fellow cuhs for a bitch.
there is also a distinct lingo that the cuhs use; phrases like "what it is cuh"-meaning "what's up"
or basically, which is a highly frequently used word within the cuh circle.
cuhs also us the phrase "what it be" or "what it ass be"(wiab). both of these phrases mean the same as what it is
cuhvalry was adopted by the original cuhs: XAARON-CUHX TUB-CUH XASON-CUHX and ADAM-CUH.

The also have hand gestures such as "CP"(cracka plams!)- giving high five with the the inside of your palms(the white meat) and "DAAHRKNESS!!"- The exact opposite; giving high five with the back of your hand(dark meat)
One cuh will give another cuh CP usually after the other cuh has said something extroidinarily funny, or has done something really awesome, like puttin' a bitch in her place.
Daahrkness is the same, but more sacred.
XAARON-CUHX- "YO cuh let me get some of yo' twizzlers"

TUB-CUH- "no cuh, get your own!"

XAARON-CUHX- "Come on dog, cuhvalry!!. remember the laws of cuhvalry?"

TUB-CUH- "oh, you right man. My bad."
by XAARONX January 06, 2005
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